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12:28 p.m. x 2006-10-13

five facts.

001. kara's on her way here (the area) right now. i found my handy fact today that sikhs wear metal bands around their wrists called karas to protect them from evil.

002. jimmy's on his way to florida within the next few hours. upon his return, we're procuring winter provisions. that will be cool. heh. i just read horoscopes. our planets are dancing with each other.

003. heather's party is tomorrow night. i bought her socks for her birthday last year and they never ever did find their way to her. they wound up in jimmy's backpack, which...i don't even have any idea if the entity that is "jimmy's backpack" exists as i write this. they were amazing socks, too.

004. any given close friend of mine, if asked to come up a fact about you offhand, beyond what is easily gathered from your myspace, they would be hard pressed to do so. likewise very, very few pictures of the few you've sent me have ever seen the light of day. 98% of conversations that we've had have never had their contents repeated in any manner, outside of the references i've made in this diary. the only other person i know who has your screenname is the person you've spoken to. you are protected better than you reason that you are.

005. i am going to a psych lecture on monday afternoon on female aggression. mmmmm. and today is looking up.

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