into the valley of steel

11:22 p.m. x 2006-10-24

lovely ride in with alex. lovely time at school, whereupon i was informed that jimmy had off for the day...which was followed by a lovely ride home with will and ed. then a LOVELY UPON LOVELY UPON LOVELY excursion with jimmy...he bought me a necklace. it is the first piece of jewelry a boy's ever bought me. i helped him pick out things, and went on a frantic search for a belt...heh. he was pretty exasperated. but i had a really nice time. i hope that he did. i hadn't seen him in two weeks...but i liked prowling sears with him. that was very good.

amanda took me out to dinner, then. it was nice except i got a little sick. i hadn't been to that restaurant in over a decade for reasons i'd since forgotten. i went to the bathroom to sweat and heave for a few minutes. it was a pretty freaky flashback to...prior events...err, my mother makes a lot of remarks to me. lately i've been really harried and busy and i haven't done my hair everyday. i haven't done my nails since, fucking...may...and i haven't been as serious (or serious at all really) about dieting since april.

I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO. but this was yet another indication that my life is steadily slowing to a hault, according to my mother. further evidence that i'm flailing in an abyss of suck. because i don't feel like curling my hair at 6 a.m. anymore. or eating cereal and canned fruit once daily (that being it). fuck that shit.

good day, though ^-^ good day!

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