4:40 p.m. x 2007-01-21

i was playing with my numerology yesterday. i have the worst soul ever. your soul is the vowels in your name added together. mine is 8. 8 means order, structure, and generally being a boring ass. that's my soul. my personality, however, is bright, witty and invigorating (5). my destiny is to build things of lasting value (4). 4 and 8 crop up as my maturity and balance numbers as well, indicating order and control are big things for me. that's good of my numerology to note. thanks, numerology.

my four pinnacles, the four big turning points of my life, are denoted by an 11, 4, 6 and 3. 11 indicates profound development - so i start off kicking. 4 is building my foundation, getting career and family things in order. 6 is love and devotion, the heart coming to the forefront. and 3 is creative expression. so those are my high points. they sound pretty good. i'm obviously still on the 11, which is a pretty sexy number. it's the number of jesus.

my challenges, which hold hands with my pinnacles because nothing is just as good as that, are hilarious. 1, 1, 0 and 2. remaining true to myself and forging my identity consumes half my life. 0 indicates that i have an old soul that has put forth so much struggle that my only concern is that i appreciate it enough to live a good life (hells yeah). 2 says i need to balance my needs with the needs of others, and this will obviously become especially pertinent when i'm an old bat. hopefully i keep that in mind.

my life cycles are...too good. really a lot of this makes up for me having an ugly soul. the first part of my life is a 5, the most thrilling and adventurous number. 6, the middle of my life, is the cute happy marriage number. 7 is wisdom, introspection and expression. that's a really sexy life.

my karmic lesson numbers indicate things i better pay attention to, or i'll be screwed. the first is 4, which is also my destiny number, so the impact is lessoned because it's a given that i'm going to need to focus on my direction. 6 is a warning not to hold back my true passions, and 7, likewise, indicates to not ignore talents. 8, the impact of which is also lessoned, means don't neglect the fact that you have a talent at making money. i promise i will not forget this.

my karmic debt number, indicating a past abuse of talents, is 13. "you have at one point foresaken your spiritual self for material gain". i don't remember when this was, but it was in the past anyway.

i have the luckiest lucky number of all - 3. it is a great love and money number. i have an edge where 3s are concerned. i agree with this (i'm also the luckiest chinese zodiac sign).

i can't believe my soul is an 8. ergh.

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