11:32 p.m. x 2007-05-27

oddly situated nap today, basking in christian bale. i love batman and yesterday i was fffreaking out about the new picture of the joker that's been released, the first of what heath ledger will look like. i'm pretty riveted. my hormones are loopy, so i cried watching "begins" today. it made me laugh at myself. ridiculous.

going to sleep has been an uphill battle this week. though it's true i've had a lot on my mind keeping me awake, i've also been busy and can currently afford the luxury of staying up until 4 or 5 and writing. i am so proud of and so happy with the draft i am on right now of a story. the initial draft, created 12 may 2004, was barely seven pages long. subsequent revisions and added scenes came along, then the next major revision was begun 21 june 2005. i was stuck on how to deal with certain plot points, so i decided to continue working on it as a screenplay earlier this year, and then when i recieved a critique of that, i found a lot of the criticism easier to apply to the fiction format first. so a few days ago i relaunched, and i have fifteen pages completed. and it's gorgeous.

i'd like dr. pepper but i'm compensating with diet coke. i don't like soda but i'm in a fizzy mood. i can all ready feel it making my stomach ill at ease, however. rgh.

were you aware...i have a complex about wasting time. i have never been bored a day in my life. not an INSTANT in my life. NO. especially not since developing this complex. even in my downtime, i am always busy. ALWAYS. i am always thinking about my writing when it looks like i'm doing nothing else. i make notes on it constantly. i read, and when i watch movies i think very critically about what's happening. i am always occupied. my brain is always working. i do let it relax, and i make myself stop and nap or walk, which really clears my head.

but i am never bored.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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