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9:56 p.m. x 2007-11-01

i have a bunch of new pictures up on my wall. it's coming along very well and i'm proud. one piece is a drawing. i aim to get a lot of drawings up there.

sometimes our neighbor comes in here for a little. both me and my roommate really like her. she pops in for moments at a time and usually says hello and chats a little with both of us. she's very friendly, and i enjoy being her neighbor. usually she comes in here because of my roommate because they all ready know each other, but she's always nice to me and talks to me. when she does, though, my roommate goes "KELLY, KELLY" over and over again until she pays attention to her again. today kelly came in to see my roommate's art project, which was certainly accomplished. before she left she turned around and saw the pictures i was putting up and asked me about them, saying she really liked them, which made me feel really good. then my roommate hit her with a beach ball to get her attention again. this is a bigger room, but it's still not that big that beach balls can be thrown around thoughtlessly at the backs of others.

she can be a real infant.

last night she spent the night with her budding boyfriend, so i spoke to lexi and watched "fanny & alexander". i found out the dresden dolls are on tour this winter and right when i have time off, they're playing three dates within reach of me!!! i am definitely going to at least one of them! that makes me so happy!!! i need that so much! i'd like it if amanda, lexi, akasha and/or kara would come with me. i'm going to ask. but no matter what, i'm going. and it'll make me feel much better.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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