planet of ice

2:24 p.m. x 2007-11-26

i wish. i wish it were a planet of ice in here. sincerely. it is swealtering, but outside it's chilly and damp, which makes coming and going atrocious. as soon as you step outside you have to pull on three layers, then as soon as you're back inside...geez oh man.

i have personality theory and then dinner and FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT i must work on my bio paper. it's due wednseday. if i do most of the work tonight, tomorrow night i can just clean it up and not be concerned.

my focus is pretty flighty right now. i mean more so than usual. i read aliya's critique of my short story last night and immediately went in and spruced up some things. i'm so excited. after i work on two characters i'm finished. I'M FINISHED. i'm going to give it to melody to read then, but i'm not out to change it much. if i do that's fine, but i'm pretty much satisfied with it. yessssss.

(wow, so i guess baby cakes' name is mark. that's wild.)

i am still thinking about this thing from yesterday, which is actually this thing from several years ago that i've actually thought about more often than not, that i know i've addressed in here before but probably didn't say anything clearer about it. every time i think of it i feel so hopeful and elated...writing gives me the same feeling...and i've decided to plunge forth into it. my own little experiment. now would be a good time.

i am writing about it because i write about everything, and it is especially important for me to have a way to express things i don't want to talk about. i don't have a way of talking about this. but i feel so much happier. i'll see how things go.

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