sick sick sick

5:24 p.m. x 2008-03-12

i am so gross. every two minutes i use up a tissue. i got the work i missed in history from kevin and brittany at dinner and we have ANOTHER BOOK to read and report on, which i plan on doing completely over this weekend so it's DONE. AAAAGH.

i had a meeting with my advisor on scheduling for the fall and while i waited for him i hung out with my old personality professor and she lamented how all good things about the english language had been sucked out of her by APA style writing, which i found interesting and scary. i'm lined up for astronomy, experimental (NOOOO) and forensic psych so far. stats over the summer at hacc. i don't know what my fourth class will be.

I HATE BREATHING WITH MY MOUTH GAPING OPEN CONSTANTLY SO MUCH. my throat is so raw. i am feeling better, though. i have been resting. phone...

my phone is seeing its last days. when i go home next i'll be getting a new one. i was making soup today which included a small packet of oil and i got the oil on my cell phone, then rubbed it down with a wet towel. now i'm barely able to hear incoming calls. it txts fine. it recieves and sends the calls fine. but the audio is shot now. it's about time, really...but...ugh...this guy and i have seen a lot together and i'm more sad about it than i'm at liberty to express.

RIP, little fella.

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