and we try to change: the city noise made us strange

4:41 p.m. x 2008-04-20

currently listening to: "city noise" by scarling.

i was floored for two days, during which time i should've been frantically busy, by a barometric pressure headache. it's pretty gone now that it's thunderstormed, which i'm grateful for, even though i was caught in said thunderstorm on my walk for coffee this morning.

I SAW BARACK OBAMA SPEAK. HOLY CATS IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. it was a complete surprise, too. i went into my last film class and everyone was talking about how obama spontaneously decided to grant a speaking engagement to the campus, but it was not a "campus event", a.k.a. everyone was itching to run out of class and race downtown for tickets. as if by magic (awesome BFF magic), melody txt'd me asking if i wanted one. she'd ditched her german class to get them, and her commitment to being an amazing person resulted in us grabbing fourth-row-center seats.

he shook my hand and made me cry. i cried a lot. i cry all the time, at everything, but i really lost it. i didn't see that coming at all. that was such a gorgeous opportunity.

before i launch fully into reworking my history paper and studying for the french final, i'm nursing a cut-up thumb and reading about jessicka's resurgence into the public eye after marriage, weightloss, and much deserved vacationing. she is one of my biggest inspirations, and i have admired her since my wee awkward highschool freshman days, and i'm giddy beyond thunderdome that she's still being productive as i'm graduating college (, like, perhaps next year soon).

all right, now, TO WORK. this is it. i'm abandoning this room for good on tuesday!

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