you think you're going back to missoula, montana

5:20 a.m. x 2008-04-29

currently listening to: "rockin back inside my heart" by julee cruise

maddie's death scene in "twin peaks" makes me too afraid to leave my room, but man - senor droolcup is so lovable i feel good all over again when he comes on the screen. i love "twin peaks". so much. since i've been home i've kept it on while i've cleaned, painted, and made general mischief. today i finally got to take a nice, long walk to get coffee (it is a considerably longer walk for coffee here than at school). i invited my mom but she didn't want to come. i don't think she gets that i like to spend time with her sometimes.

i'd really like to do something with my dad. i don't do enough with my dad.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
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anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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