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12:53 a.m. x 2008-05-21

currently listening to: "dear jenny" by the dresden dolls

001: "NO, VIRGINIA...". it's beautiful. chilling out, watching "rocky horror". beautiful. napping until one in the morning, not terribly beautiful. downright disruptive, in fact.

002: half of what i can see in this as being amazing, though it's complicated by the other half which looks shitty, is enough to make me excited to see it. i had to groan when leelee sobieski gets naked, though. honestly. a movie can survive til the end without a girl getting naked. there's nothing wrong with a girl getting naked. at all. but come on, not in that situation, unless she's having sex with the corpse.

003: i hate the dentist and every time i go, i feel fine coming in, and whatever they do to me while i'm there makes me feel, by the time i leave, as if i have ravaging gum disease. i have to go back in a few days to take care of a few vulnerable spots. ugh. the doctor asked me if i use tobacco products, which really freaked me out. are my teeth as bad as a smokers? i don't think so.

004: i am salivating at the idea of the forthcoming virginia archives book from the dresden dolls, as well as amanda palmer's solo album in september. as well as the motherfucking "DARK KNIGHT". SOON. SO SOON!!!

005: i can't stop listening to "the wind that shakes the barley". very out of nowhere.

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