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6:32 p.m. x 2008-11-27

currently listening to: "good day" by the dresden dolls

i'm about to head over to jimmy's for thanksgiving. my family all ready ate, but i mostly slept through it, and then watched "manhunter" with my dad. being half-alive on the couch watching horror movies is turning into a thanksgiving ritual, and for that i'm glad. i'm glad he joined me in it.

i wanted to amend my entry about the concert to include a detaile that i nearly forgot, but instead i'll point it out here because of the brilliant situation that reminded me of it: i was getting tipsy with my amanda in her high school boyfriend's kitchen (we've had some amazing times there, but i'm always there...i don't know how into that he is) and telling her about the concert. i really wanted her to go, but she didn't have the means or the money, and she was very gracious about it and excited to hear how it went. and i remembered! when donations were being handed out to the danger ensemble, amanda palmer played "living on a prayer". and my amanda disintigrated. lost it. "i missed that?!", she sobbed. i'm so glad i didn't let that slip my mind completely.

last night i was able to see akasha, kara, lexi, jimmy and duff. while i'm here and have stillness and peace i need to make three very long, thorough, important phone calls. i'm seeing clare on...shit, tomorrow. i don't even know what day it is.

thanksgiving's not top-of-my-list, exactly.

i had a dream about melody that i think was an actual dream and not a nightmare. she was crying at the end of a long corridor and i was yelling at her, furious, and then she stopped crying like she was considering what i was saying. i woke up then and i had a txt from her. she hasn't seen me or spoken to me in days and days. it was neutral. if we could be neutral i'd go for that.

all my stuff is packed and i am leaving.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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