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10:56 a.m. x 2008-12-02

currently listening to: "not mine" by amanda palmer

the new room is great, and has been moved into almost entirely. i forgot one double-outlet and my bootlegged ale, but if they're still there i can get them today. i have to go back to the other room to check out and hand my key back. my new roommate really likes me, and i really like her, but i can't help being ecstatic that she has to move onto a sorority floor after the coming break! i'm happy to be back on a third floor, in a corner. i'm right next to the academic center. there are two windows. i will miss her lamp because it lends an incredible ambiance to the room.

the light's coming in from the windows now and it's so much warmer and better to work in that the shut in lamplight at all hours in the old room. this was a wonderful decision, and the volume of wallspace is a dream come true. i have two dr. peppers in the fridge, and after check out/old key return/check in, i can get down to working on finishing one paper and beginning another. this friday, gretchen and scott and i are going to get wasted and watch "twilight". gretchen hopped over last night and we had a great talk before my new roommate came back. i'm going to miss gretchen so much, but she's going to have an amazing time in london and when she gets back we're either going to live together or see a lot of each other (she may be an RA).

this was such a good thing. i'm so excited for the rest of the year.

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