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12:47 a.m. x 2009-04-16

currently listening to: "the queen is dead" by the smiths

feeling lame that i cannot reach a ten-page page minimum on this modern & contemporary fiction paper. hemingway seems to merit brevity. i think i made my point three pages ago. i'm going to let it stand at eight pages plus bibliography. i will pray for a B. i think i will get a B in that class. the final counts for the same amount of points and i think i will get an A on it, considering i got a B on the midterm and that was the result of a screw-up. i believe i've gotten As on both my presentations. yes.

romantic lit is essentially over with. the last test was today, which i think i did absolutely fine on. circa an A, i hope. the last paper is due a week from friday, and it is three pages, which is nothing. also my final essay in the creative essay is due the day prior, on thursday. i intend to get that finished on tuesday and the romantic lit paper over the weekend because i want to relax, i want time to pack and get myself oriented for may and EMPLOYMENT. i've been invited to my friend christianna's bachelorette party which is that sunday, and at 8 a.m. the next morning i have the modern & contmporary fiction final, which is my only final.

TWO weeks at home, which include amber w and my 22nd birthday, and then back to school for graduation, after which my buddy tom invited me to his graduation party, where i will get to meet his family. i am riveted to see his family interact. they are a fascinating band of creatures. a week or so later into may term i'm to go to bryan's house for his party with his best friend mark, who is attending may term with me.

after that, and the end of may term, i hope to have a nice time at home and locate employment there. i hope to relax and see my friends and do a little work for myself.

NOW, i'm going to watch "city lights".

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