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12:10 a.m. x 2009-07-15

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1. i got cheap but still vastly better quality eyeliner today. i didn't wear it at all at mark's, which - it is my bare minimum with regards to makeup-wearing. that said, eyeliner and lipstick tends to be my maximum. i'm not a great wearer of makeup, but i like to look like i'm making an effort. so i really didn't like that i couldn't wear anything because all i had in my possession was impossibly poor quality pencil liner that did nothing but hurt. so i'm very excited about this (the brand i've always used is twenty dollars, and i can't spare that at the moment).

2. i should have gotten my period on sunday, but i don't have any kind of a good grip on how reliable my periods are. my feelings haven't been wildly intense at all but i've also been taking great pains to feel calm and level and consciously avoid getting myself into mindsets. and i've been responsible. i think so.

3. tomorrow is halfway through july all ready. that's the spirit, july! i am definitely going to be up mark's way the week of august 21st (for "inglourious basterds"). it would be nice to go up before that, too. maybe, as he recommended, for a weekend in ithaca. we are absolutely going there for a romantic weekend in november!

my god he is so great.

4. my dad just came in and asked me not only how i'm doing, if i'm having a good summer and if i had a nice time at mark's - not only that - but he also asked how mark is, how is job search is coming and when he might see him again! i can't believe it! my dad! my dad likes mark! i'm still getting over the fact that my dad likes me! amazing!!!

5. as if that didn't make today a good day, amanda and akasha and i had vegan maple/almond french toast with toasted blackberries and cherries today. and i got to buy amanda coffee, which she beyond deserved because she used to buy me coffee constantly.

all right - that's your cue, period. everything else is going well!

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