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2:34 a.m. x 2009-08-07

currently listening to: "la vie en rose" by edith piaf

mark's really been snapping out of his mood, which i'm excited about. he has had a lot of interviews within the past week, and now (!!!) when i go to visit him in thirteen days instead of blowing a lot of money on a round-trip, i will only being paying one way, am allowed to stay the duration of the month, and then he will take me back to school! my dad will meet us with everything, so i will have to pack this week. AHA!

(so now i CAN buy that dress i saw with amanda!)

i have begun rereading middlesex and now i'm finishing it. i am still working through catch 22. i still have not read setting free the bears or their eyes were watching god or any of the plays mark has loaned me.

i have resumed and now can't stop rereading ada. i LOVE that book like no other. i need to read more of the doctoral thesis on it that i purchased on amazon. i have never gone through it and underlined anything or recorded any marginilia and if there was any book i'd ever own that ought to morph into an active journally experience it's that one. i love everything about it. i love how rabidly re- and reread my copy looks. it is my very favorite book.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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