musee d'orsay

6:38 p.m. x 2010-02-11

currently listening to: "chain" by the school of seven bells

today was insane: i went into painting a little fumey, having had a rough start in form & theory. the beautiful professor and i had a very good, very genuine exchange on who to "work for" in a class, and he shared with me his story of his zany undergraduate professor.

not moments later, the fiction professor just APPEARS. i have been telling the object of my desire that he needs to meet him for the past few days, and for him to just appear was UNCANNY. my obscure object was aghast. it was a great scene. mary says he kept looking at me today. when he gave mary her critique, i was hanging around the exit, and he kept looking over at me with his eyebrows all jaunty, beckoning me so i joined in the discussion.

i gave him a mix cd for valentine's day. he was really happy.

i think i will settle on "obscure object" as a manner with which to describe him. he spoke to me about my collage today, which began very normally, but warped into a story about visited the musee d'orsay that made him cackle that made no sense at all. it was adorable. i really really adore him.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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