12:36 a.m. x 2010-05-07

currently listening to: "piano trio in E flat" by schubert

this morning, i woke up at ten and could not get back to sleep. i went downstairs and got roethke and "vivre sa vie," watched several episodes of "weeds" and then the film, during which time i dozed off in the hottest room in our house and woke up feeling incredibly sick. this subsided. my mom came home and we went out for mussels. they were heavenly. then we went to harrisburg and there is a chipotle there now. that discovery easily made this among my better birthdays (that and the news that criterion's acquiring the chaplin library! AHH!). i have not had chipotle in two years. that stands presently - i didn't get it today because i'd all ready eaten, but now i know it's there! aha!

in addition to the books i ordered - which arrived! - i bought zizek's plague of fantasies and dennis cooper's god, jr. my parents, aunt, brother and sister all gave me tons of money. i am set for a while. the only thing on my spending horizon is this.

i had a very beautiful day, and i am very excited about new york next month.

i had no idea charlaine harris, the writer of the stories upon which "true blood" is based, used to be a weightlifter. that is terrifying and wonderful.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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