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8:03 p.m. x 2010-05-20

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i'm moving! - on the internet.

i have had this fantastic wonderful diary since 2002. i am now a very different, significantly better human being and i'd like a new place to get my dland on. that is - i am remaining on diaryland because i DO NOT LIKE any other blogging services at all. and i'm keeping this one live for any and all personal argh-ery for which i have always needed it in the first place.

i will make note of that as developments occur. meanwhile, i know when i'm working! i've got my hours! i had a STRESS NIGHTMARE about calling in for them. i was so freaked out and when i actually called the manager to whom i had to speak answered, put me on hold for two seconds, told me my hours and that she looked forward to meeting me. voila. it took two minutes.

i had to set no less than seven alarms in order to get up in time to call and then had to march off for coffee immediately after the act. i was up til 4 last night with jimmy, since he graduated from his associates program and had a little bash, which ended around 3. then we talked and it was great. i feel better, especially since it was preceded by his mother and me winning and argument against him. ruth just teamed up with me and we went for it. jimmy likes to debate about finances.

i am going to save what i make for new york, i say. i think it will be two paychecks. plus what i still have from graduation, which is quite a lot. speaking of finances.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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