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10:48 p.m. x 2002-10-01

i have been feeling 4th grade again.


for all the plausible reasons there are...i've been feeling neglected by my really close friends lately. particularly sara...we just don't seem to jell anymore. i bet she blames it on jason. rachel's blown me off quite a few times lately. i miss being around manda more...i never see brittany now, and she's been in a rough spot lately...jaypea's been making me happy though...*hugs the void of jaypea-ness*. i got to be with him in resource today. just sitting and talking to someone who likes me and having them listen contently was really great and really what i needed today.

i promised myself i'd find jaypea a boyfriend this year...this woul require me learning his *type*...which i wil slowly worm out of him in a long and involved process of prodding and annoying that i'm all too familiar with...

...i know everybody's type but mine @_@!

rachel has a crush on the student teacher in my french depeyer. that's pretty funny. i dunno...while he isn't my is rachel. we'll give her that. she even wrote a song for him. sing along, kiddie winkies:

mr. depeyer!
i wanna touch your hair!
are you wearing underwhere?
mr. depeyer!
mr. depeyer!
see that cantalope over there?
mr. depeyer!
mr. depeyer!

...woohoo...that was rousing. i feel motivated to go in my room and watch the monkees now...but i won't because as i said, i'm feeling 4th grade again, thus my childhood fear of mike nesmith has been plauging me.

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