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11:09 p.m. x 2002-10-03

*squee!!!* have to download the white stripes' version of JOLENE...jack sings about a man...*mmm* men are the fuel in the fire that is the creative arts. whether or not jack is actually gay...he should be. i'd smile really wide and faint in that nice swoony way.

but enough about jack's sexuality, i don't want to make you sick already.

i went to (and now get ready for this!) the FOOTBALL GAME!!! with sara and her friends kari and shannon the other day. i humped the legs of several strangers and a beam on the bleachers, stole two people's lollipops (i probably have AIDES now thanks to those losers), and tried making out with sara. it didn't work, but hell, i get points for trying. it also rained cheese and i sang "nazi halo" by jack off jill and "yellow submarine" by the beatles REALLY LOUD for an audience of gawking 6th grade boys and sara.

today i went (and now for something completely different!) to britty boo's house! she sang me an improvisational rap song, scratched 'DUSTIN CAN EAT A DICK FOR LUNCH' next to wear her 'dustin + brittany 4ever' used to be. she's now dating krystal (2nd time this week), and hopefully they're happy together now ^-^. we also went up to manda's with my ex gimpy, and we looked through last year's yearbook. gimpy saw jaypea and orgasmed...oh god...he's gonna hit on him @_@ NOOO...jaypea deserves better than the dr. phil and bambi's bastard offspring that i dated...

ah yes. on the illegal side of things...britterz and i vandalized a bus and i stole my lil darling john paul a fler...a genuine prosthetic betsy fler!

there was a very stoned young man breathing on me at gimpy's house...i was scared. he talked about becoming a drag queen and eating shrooms and being the polite individual that i am i listened. hot damn that was weird, but interestingly fun nonetheless.

hey amanda...SQUEAKY!!!

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