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9:07 p.m. x 2002-10-21

errrrrrrrgh...today was an asleep day. i slept through an english test, jaypea slept through a movie, and manda slept through everything until last block when we had to go work on grad projects...


i can't DOOOO anything else but write and sing and draw and be a really snarky critic. it's what i'm good at. when i grow up, i'll end up being some eerie cross breeding of courtney love meets simon cowell...*EEEEEK*

mer. they'll live. I WANT TO WRITE MY BOOK AND I WANT THEM TO STOP BOTHERING ME ABOUT IT!!! *waaaaaaaaaah*...


so i guess you want me to put an intimate thought in here eventually, neh? ergh...maybe i will..

there's a particular individual i know, often mentioned in here, who may or may not be reading this...baah...but either way i want you to know i'm your friend ^-^ and i really really like you, despite the fact that just about everything i say around you is mindless dribble ^-^;;;. i just would like it to be stated that i care about you and i hope you like me...*kicks the ground*

uh-huh...i'm that insecure ^-^;;; merrr.

ah yes, and to the aformentioned individual: YOUR SPECIAL PERSON IS VERY VERY CLOSE...*i can feeeeeeel it, trust the psychic myssi*...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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