snowy snowy lovely little evening

9:48 p.m. x 2002-10-28

k@ri doesn't mind the snow ^-^ she missed it in fact.

*le sigh* i feel better ^-^ emailed nat, talked to britt and jaypea, very much relaxed now ^-^.

yay!!! *throws confetti into the air and blows kazzoo* jaypea's got a cruuu-uuuush...^-^ !!! i'm so happy for him (i told you you were gonna get involved with someone didn't i? hehehe...see, myssi is indeed psychic~)!!!

and he now has a gorgeous little home for his poetry ^-^. jaypea's such a gifted little doll, he'll be a famous journalist one day and HA! i know him and you don't *nyaaah*!

*lol* well if you're reading this you may @_@ but eh...i just like being ego-driven...

it's snowing outside...aaand it's october.

it didn't snow last DECEMBER.

it hasn't snowed here in a LONG FUCKING TIME.

^-^ YAAAAAAAAAY!!! i kinda like snow.

it tastes kind of funny, though. while it's nothing compared to sara's condiments it's quite up there.


lubriderm - tastes like melted butter on something really bland (skin doesn't really taste, err, not sara's anyway), leaves a friggin awful aftertaste like you've licked rubber

equate - awful, stingy, bitter crap...rather tart and not very pleasent smelling either

true love - BURNS goddammit!!! and it scared poor becky! sara, don't wear that one anymore. i can deal with the others, but i'm holding true love hostage until you promise not to abuse me with it again!!!

coco butter - *yum* ^-^ sara's token edible condiment...i like it, wear it more often...*licks sara*..hmm, chocolatey goodness... revoir, i'm going to bounce off to bed here soon ^-^ *dating game kiss*.

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