k@ri: you are my sunshine my only sunshine... * britt: ...it makes me horney when guys are gay

8:43 p.m. x 2002-10-29


just got back from trick-err-treating with dustin et britterz, some interesting quotes for you all:

*paddidle!* - dustin

*i'll just let it run down my leg* - britt

*we HAVE to go to amanda's house.*and steal forks! 'uh, amanda...there's one and three-fourths of a fork missing!'* - k@ri & britt (imitating manda's dad, who counts their forks...@_@)

*you're a tough boy!* - anonymous

*nick carter's goth like i'm straight* - dustin

*see the light off? this is what my light looks like on.*well this is what it looks like up your ass...* - anonymous & britt

*...i saw a dildo fly by...* - k@ri

*do i look dead to you?* - britt

*trick or treat!*lubriderm!* - everyone & k@ri

*mmmoisturizer...!!!* - k@ri

*your hands are cold - put them down my pants!* - britt

*can you move?*no...* - k@ri & manda

*your bum's like whoosh* - k@ri

*it smelled like pure buttcrack* - britt

aaand the oddities of the evening:

- k@ri & britt both start singing *black hole sun* at the same time

- britt all the sudden sings jaypea's away-message [[[*if i told you this was killing me would you stop?*]]]

- k@ri sings *landslide*

- amanda's stuck!!! NO!!! UNSTICK AMANDA!!!

*le sigh*

i gots a bunch of candy for manda and jaypea, cause manda was rendered immobile and jaypea had work!!! NOOOOO!!! T__T tomorrow promises to be interesting...

...for now, good night, and R.I.P. jam master jay (yes...i like runDMC ~ that made me sad -_-).

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