next time i'm gonna think about shit before i say it

5:42 p.m. x 2002-11-02

...says dustin. we don't want a repeat of nick carter now do we?

song of the day: *walk this way* by run dmc and aerosmith

*le sigh* well lovely little nico book, you got a whoppingly predictable 56 on your review!!! who saw that coming?

i never score good on anything ^-^;;; i know it. [[[the only thing i didn't get was that i 'talked about people they didn't know'...if you visited the cast page *points* you'd know *hint hint*]]]

otherwise today was wonderful. it was britty boo's birthday today ^-^ !!! sadly - she was sick and so missed school, but i dropped off her gift at her house ^-^ she was very very pleased, thus was i.

and now on to today's wonderful event: the boob story.

this morning, i again said something to insult the piss out of jason, with which he responded "for trying that trick i shall chop off your dick" - the problem being that i do not have one. that finally hit him so he went "well you'll just be one of those freaks with one tit then." which he said as tweak leaned over to view a series of drawings i'd done, to which she said "they're beautiful". then jason burst onto the floor laughing, because he thought she meant my tits @_@. poor little tweaky turned killer tomato-red and was beautiful.

i recounted that story to jaypea later as he was fondling his brand new tongue ring. his reply to the story:

"haha! you have anything i can suck on?"

my poor little john paul -_- his tongue's swollen and achey, and he can't say "race horse". it's not really important that he does - but come on. you'd miss being able to say it if you couldn't.

i forget what else happened in converse sneakers doing shakespeare and marissa has a year-old tattoo @_@ oh...and sometime during the day there was chocolate fondu...mmm-ness...

i will write more later when i'm not twitching so much. my sugar's up too high.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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