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4:40 p.m. x 2002-11-10

song of the day: *every me every you* by placebo

mmm...brian molko *slurpies*.

today was funny ^-^. i'm very pleased with that - as i was determined to have a good day after yesterday. tooo much shannon!!! today, marissa, becky and i were responsible for her biggest outburst, because we simply said NOBODY CARES. so she screamed and ran to the nurse's, where she was promptly sent back because they were quite sick of her. she then spent all of basic foods with her hair in her face pounding on the table and screaming about hanging herself or killing a girl who's "spreading rumors" about her (and no - this girl is not).

that's pretty fucked up. even for shannon. that girl's got a lot of anger.

on the good side, jason's returned (albeit with a fork mark @_@ i'll explain when he does), and today mandy realized her true mission in life: to be a soccer mom. nothing will stop her from squeezing out some 20-odd lezbirds bread to kick balls around in strangely shaped shoes and knickers ^-^. fun fun fun!

ah yes...and we made yamakas in geometry! that was actually amusing...but i had to leave twice for a matter of minutes because the principal wanted to know what's happening with shannon. when he called me out he mispronounced my name and jaypea came to my defense ^-^ AAAWE...that was sweet. nobody corrects people on that for me.

so yes...jaypea improved my day...we're going to egypt and hiring people to paint the pyramids purple for us. preferrably shannon and "mr. z".

oh and bad news -_- yesterday's cliffhanger cannot be continued because it didn't really happen T__T. that's saddening because it was actually quite a big thing. but alas...

..."the cliffhanger" remains in alabama.


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