some people put too much thought into being shy

10:24 p.m. x 2002-11-17

song of the day: *the union forever* by the white stripes

i'd really love to see them live. jack is the closest to "my type" i've been able to find.

he's cute, he's a musician, he has a very "unique" voice, he codes obscenity beautifully (as i wish i could), he's single and to the best of my knowledge isn't gay (certainly would be beyond the point of bothersome if he was, and i have this itchy, nagging feeling he's experimented/is experimenting in that alley way, or is/has been, i like that), likes to sing *jolene*, likes kids, has managed to completely pervert his relationship with meg into a faux-incestuous scandal (that just perpetuating the issue he has with press gossip), likes old blues music, is stuck in a year most people just vaguely remember their late grandfather cackle about, thinks chocolate malt has a "personality", mimics the voices in his head when singing (and supposedly being serious - did anyone see SNL...i know it's like thinking about barney in bed or something but is that jack white foreplay...if anyone spoke to me like that, especially in a bedroom situation...after laughing hysterically i'd be melting in a little myssi-puddle), and lastly: he maintains this very private and intimate individual publically and lets the records say anything you'd want to know about him.

mmm...yes. i'd love a man like that. what the hell is meg on that she let that one slip...although thank god she did, and he's single now...but come now...the *hotel yorba* video.

a date with a man who has a girl on a waist-leash contraption...

...for all plausible reasons she's the living, breathing "spector of stevie"-esque entity you'd never wish on your worst enemy. i'm sorry but she manages to make me quite nervous.

what would it be like to go on a date with mr. right and have him bring ex-mrs. right along with him? that's a low i have yet to experience. when i do, trust me, i'll put it in here and refer back to this entry, in which i babbled about the "finer" points of john a. gillis-white for an entire half-hour, better utilized for studying, but then...not.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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