oh wouldn't it be nice?

4:41 p.m. x 2002-11-22

i'm talking to thee rachel. she's the best to discuss love with. we're on the same level. i sent her a song i wrote which i'm very proud of. it's almost a love song, which is incredible because i can't write love songs.

when i have a band i want a tweaked-out, artsy velvets-meets-manson kind of deal. something very bizarre and experimental. but then this tiny part of me - a tiny part that's growing increasingly - wishes i were a guy so i could put together a weird little beatles-esque thing (well, the beatles thing is newer...i've wanted to be a guy for a few years now @_@).

a few men in suits playing guitars and singing about love drives me insane. *MMMMMMMMM*...beatles, hives, doesn't matter what era it's from, it's sexy.

going now. au revoir.

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