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2:03 p.m. x 2002-11-23

song of the day: *bodies* by drowning pool

...mmkay nooo mooore nuuu metal...

on the yay note: tweak and my breasts shared an intimate moment in geometry, i didn't do ONE THING work-wise in school today, bribed my math teacher with a susan b. anthony dollar and a note from god (and an ex-stolen pen, now un-stolen), got to see my jaypea!!!, got to see people, AND I GOT THE HIGHEST GRADE IN GEOMETRY I'VE GOTTEN ALL YEAR!!! 82.5!!! WOOOO!!!

on the blah note: shannon's returned and she actually looked at my info packet on anorexia/bulemia (agh), i had NO WORK ready for today, i got a 2/22 on a test which i just kinda ripped up while writing "i don't remember" over it, and mr. c*nt was back in english.

*haaa*...my friend kim summed up the return from his absence beautifully...

"english teacher's convention? that wouldv'e been a great place for a terrorist attack...thousands dead...!"

that was great.

more later, my ear's trying to kill me.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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