...seven days...

8:40 p.m. x 2002-11-28

song of the day: *sweetness* by jimmy eat world...oh no...EMO...

...oh the dread. and the horror. NOOO!

*WOOO!* k@ri and her tweakish companion saw THE RING this evening!!! and it was fun...very fun...you should all run out and see it now.

i also did a shitload of shopping today, for myself mostly, because i am a selfish bitch -_-. i was allowed to keep yet another thing to occupy me pre-xmas, *the beatles* by hunter davies ^-^. among k@ri's other purchases were...


*the catcher in the rye*fag hag*the lost language of cranes*wrong*jerk*closer*try*guide*period*the antichrist*horror hospital unplugged*disco bloodbath*


*lolita*the virgin suicides*ma vie en rose*the doom generation*star time*party monster*session 9*

in my opinion - that was a very, very good turn out. and despite what i or anyone else may say - i am not donnne.

this isn't me being greedy, rather, i intend to try getting things other ways as well. i have a kathy acker book coming from amanda and either a fiona apple or acid bath cd from jaypea.

to whoever actually READS this - i cannot get anyone else gifts -_- i'm so sorry - if i could i'd buy all my friends exactly what you want, cost aside, but i cannot. not this xmas. so don't get me anything because i'll feel like shit if you do. i already feel like shit because i can't get you anything!!! but i already have jaypea & amanda's gifts, and my parents aren't allowing any more money to be spent -_-. GRRRZ.

i still luff you all. it's just that my parents do not. but hey - they're mean. they don't like me anyway. the only way i get anything is a lot of manipulation and complaining! and you don't want to do that to my parents! let me take the risk for you (and believe me - i've tried).

anyhoo - *end of public service announcement*

AAAAAAWE SHIT - that reminded me. i didn't get *fight club* -_-. awe well - i will. next time. ooo - did i get *gia*? OOO - i may have. i don't really remember.

oh well - you'll know soon. i'll post a list and pretend my xmas is interesting.

also - has anyone seen the japanese *the ring* movie? if so - someone please be nice to me T__T - and post a review in my guestbook. i'll be eternally greatful ^-^. i'd like to know how that is (i heard better than this new one).

AH YES - I FINALLY WATCHED THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE!!! i've been too scared to see that for like a year - and i finally sat down and watched that.

i say: YAY!!! good movie. yes...it was on my "good" level. i have a weird "good" level. the kind that i think john waters has. in that i like "bad" movies. that was so "bad" it was right up my alley.

except - at the beginning, they say sally died. sally no die. sally scream bloody murder but sally no die.

...and after all those years of being terrified of him, leatherface screams like a girl? oooh the irony...

*le sigh* so that's all. my aunt left and i miss her now. we went to panera and i had soup in a bread bowl and my was that delicious.

wow that was redundant.

AGH - oh yes - i almost forgot...last night, circa 11:30 p.m., i had a conversation with a very drunk, very stoned john paul about pasteries and the word "happy" (or "hammy" if you're that high).

that was beautiful. ah well, i'm off to read my beatles book...*we all live in our yellow submarine*...

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