"and what do we have here? a scary monster, a cowboy, and a fairy princess! here's a hit of ecstasy, run along now."

10:57 p.m. x 2002-12-25

this entry's title is from disco bloodbath by james st. james, wherein he professes the similarities between the club kids and trick or treaters.

merrrrrry xmas everybody ^-^ !!! mine actually went quite smoothly...i got quite a few things (mostly books and videos and CDs, as that is all i ask for anyway), an appearantly a new stereo that has yet to make an appearance >-< I WANNA SEEE...satan. tomorrow i'll be in new jersey. i wish i remembered for how long - alas i do not T__T...i'll update though, because they always hide me in the room with the computer. i'll be quite content, however, to simply sit alone on the floor listening to bikini kill, watching kids and reading anthology. in fact - why wait? - i'll go do that right now. i leave you my public with the newest exploits of rachel vs. the male population.

random man-thing: hey sexy
rachel: hey
random man-thing: what's shakin?
rachel: listein to metallica, you?
random man-thing: just chillin
random man-thing: do you have a pic?
rachel: yeah
random man-thing: trade?
rachel: sure
random man-thing: oic...i bet you're just a tasty lil thang
rachel: lol
rachel: not really
random man-thing: :-) oh i'm sure you are
random man-thing: i want those nice tits!
rachel: that's...nice
random man-thing: :-) can i suck on that nice rack baby?...i'll let you suck this 9" monster
rachel: nah, that's alright.
random man-thing: :'(
rachel: why would i wunt your 9 incher when i have an 11 incher to my husband (editor's note boyfriend)??? you need to go out in the real world and get a life bud.

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