get offa my fluffin cloud goddammit

10:43 p.m. x 2002-12-27

...which happened to be playing today whilst i was in the mall. the BIG mall near where my aunt lives, which is where i am, here, in new jersey ^-^.

so as one can tell, i went shopping today, intending only to get the other lenore book (i have noogies, i need wedgies!!!) and to have my dying faux-platinum hair retouched (and this time, i hoped to not come out resembling more ozzy than courtney).

i achieved one of these things, and the other was left sadly unaccomplished (i'm still wedgie-less, *le sigh*). but - i did manage to buy myself 4 cds and what is perpetually a new room @_@. not furniture, sadly, but accessories therein.

album-wise, i now own NEVERMIND, TEN, MY FEVER BROKE, and the YEAH YEAH YEAHS ep. basically tying up what i forgot to get whilst perusing amazon's used store (oh what a cheap little cunt i am, yeeessss...[*note*, that was sarcasm, mother, as it is still a pretty new concept for you]).

random-things-wise (if it is not bookish, compact diskish, or vhsish, i refer to it as "random"...i don't know why, bugger off), i got some very lovely things. you room is completely white, and all the furniture is unpainted, finished wood. i hate that (the wood, not the white). that should all be getting painted here soon...but anyway, back to...stuff, yes. i got all these things from a place called icing, a subsidiary of claire's (*bleecch* - or as we all know it as otherwise, brittany's favorite place for five-finger discounts). all of it is white with black lace...and, to me anyway, it's all stunning. a little lamp, a polaroid-holder-thinger, PLUSH DICE!!! (i've awaited the day i'd get my plush dies and at last my day has come!), and this lovely matching earring holder and a (fake @_@ duh) jeweled lightswitch cover. AND - black fuzzy pillows! that...and a whole shizzload of i only have one or two pairs that are indeed still pairs.

OOO OOO...and the crown jewel of my binge: a heart-shaped silver metallic frame with white gems in it in this beautiful intricate pattern...divinity goddammit divinity. i'm tempted to scan the thinger so you can all gaze at it's holy presence...*hugs the frame*. alas my aunt's scanner-less, so i must wait, and must will you.

and now...i'm off. i know i have things to do but first i think i need to remove myself from this train of thought (materialism - it drives my right brain up the wall, as there really isn't much to be done about the left brain, seeing as it's nonexistant according to most tests). i'll visit later, luff you all *huggles et kisses*.

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