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6:13 p.m. x 2003-01-07

i had a dentist's appointment today at 10:45, wherein i lugged all my not-really-academic belongings into my dad's car and scooted off to the dental sadist. when i arrived it dawned on me that i was returning to the same class i'd left from -_- making all the lugging-of-the-belongings pretty futile.

but then i had therapy ^-^ so i'm okay.

i need more hobbies. i've started almost every book i bought, listened many times over to every cd i've gotten, rewatched all of my videos...and now my insomnia-induced boredom has come to...this...

beware the wicked winston
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that's the sort of thing i send sara or rachel when i'm bored out of my skull. it'd be so nice to think one could make a living out of things like that. i think i'll try. i want to, someday, when i've made a conciderable living out of singing/songwriing, draw a little comic for a magazine or something. i think that'd be fun...

*le sigh* oi i'm tired, and so before i start half-awake rambles (i went to sleep at 2 @_@ eeehhh...), i'm gonna go. byeee!

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