tweak says "well that was very random"

4:43 p.m. x 2003-02-07

*rampant yays of yayness* - i had a very very VERY good time with clare et tweak...and the other girl...was sam her name? anyway, it was great, definitely better than my week ^-^. we ate scones, watched soap operas, stepdanced, tickled the tweakee, watched ghost world and hairspray, and had the longest series of the most random, amusing conversations about everything from racial politics to justin timberlake's winning of a beauty pageant. also included were an equally random remarks that are sure to stay with us all for a very long time...

clare: my friend had a dog that barked...

me: do you have a bathroom?
clare: yeah,
me: one that i can use?!

me: who's bush?
tweak:'s your president...

clare: (with a scottish accent) word up from the highlands, yo.

AGH - and at last, the identity of bus boy was revealed!!! i've been trying to yank her hidden male companion's identity out of her for months, that paid off well. and monday...we must all go thrifting ^-^. tomorrow i'm off to the mall with my manda and we're going to gaze longingly at the yellow submarine lamp together. and...i'm going to try yet again to find a copy of plastic ono band at fye. i feel guilty having it burned T__T plus there's little skip in one song that's really irking me..., and the grades went over okay with my mother *big sigh of relief* - i can't wait until 2005...

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