working on the mormons, thought i'd stop in and say hello

9:28 p.m. x 2003-02-11


errgh...almost done with my report on mormons. it was due today, but i didn't go to school. i have no idea if i can even go tomorrow, my throat's dead and i can't walk as it is - i do the friggin ozzy walk, i'll fall over with my backpack on -_-. i'm rather glad i chose this as my report topic, though. at least it's interesting. i love researching religion, that's as close as i chose to get to it.

i being the little demonic soapbox that i am, i'm going to dwell on religion for a moment. i am, at the time of writing this, agnostic. it's my own little choice not to be tied into a religion, it just isn't for me. i love reading about religion though, and i think it's really wonderful when somebody finds something they can unconditionally believe in that makes them happy and fulfilled - that's great. just don't shove it in my face, is all. and stop sending me scriptures in forewards!

...i wish i could talk, i really miss that ability...

AGH! i'm seeking revenge on the employees of the nearby suncoast. they exploited my innocent little being with their sadistic...sadisticness! ugh. i didn't know help! was on moratorium you ASSHOLES...but now i do, and i need to find a cheap copy of it from some people who do not work there...that one man in particular was quite rude. yes, i was the one who ordered the out-of-commission vhs but i wasn't the one who said "okay we'll have it for you in two weeks!" took my money and gave me the little paper slip!!!

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