everything was right

3:55 p.m. x 2003-02-21

the "my rings" page is being sadistic. it's the "paul is dead" ring's fault. ah well...we'll figure out what's up it's bum soon. i hate it when html goes bad. it irks me - which appearantly arouses this boy in my 3D art class, i go "that irks me" and he goes "i'm aroused". nice to meet you aroused, i'm scared.

who watched michael jackson last night, eh? what an interesting two hours of televisual tabloid deeelight. i admit i feel a bit sorry for him but you know he's screwed up. it doesn't mean he's a bad guy but he is screwed-up. most of the people i know are screwed-up, that doesn't make them satan. it just makes them a bit more prone to behavior not beyond baby-dangling and rampant plastic surgery.

but when all is said and done, i still believe my friend and i are better. sorry, jacko.

hmm...i have to go back to the goddamn brick building at seven for a "dance" where nobody dances. if anything they should call it "balloon and pill popping". i actually helped someone with school-ness today, i drew a poster for the upcoming st. patrick's day chorus dance. it features a leprechaun affectionately known as "angus o'george". if you go to school with me, say hi to him, it'll bring you good luck in your sex life.

speaking of george-ness, i'm scheduled to give my speech on the 60th anniversary of the birth of george harold harrison. it's a siiign! and hopefully a good one, as much as i like being in there with alex and john paul, the teacher is no picnic. mrs. conversation nazi. usually when she wants confirmation from us, instead of "okay?" or "alright?" like any other teacher, she feels obliged to say "capiche?". and now she's even thrown in a new one, "yah?". swedish accent and all.

what the hell kind of crackheads are they hiring here?

i got sent another one of those "mysteeerious" personality test forewards. and according to this one, i'm "mysteeerious" (ooo) because i like the color purple, i'm "feminine" because i like cats, i'm "busy" because i want to honeymoon in new york, i'm "intellectual" because i like the violin, i'm "popular" because i like dr. pepper, i have a crush on sir paul mccartney, and amanda will turn against me if i don't foreward the email to 15 people in 3:55 minutes.

i'll risk it. it says i'm popular, save that it was accurate (except for maybe the paul remark), but that alone weakens my faith in its opinion of me. shaaame.

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