"this would be a lot easier if we didn't have any friends."

11:52 p.m. x 2003-03-28

today, a cast of sixteen (myself included) had our picture taken for the "freestyle" portrait thing...all on behalf of the adorable tweak. i think she's the only person i know capable of rounding up that many people for a fifteen minute photo shoot that involves paint ladders @_@ ('twas difficult - hence the title). i got to be at top center looking dumb ^-^. clare did her best bettie page pose, kara belly danced, a friend of sara's and a friend of jaypea's were there...i'm starting to become kevin bacon, i swear. i've been having a "six-degrees" time lately.

alas but my amanda cannot see the "best picture of 2003" with me this weekend...i just won't go, i suppose. i'll catch it when it comes out on video or something. i have a small paranoia that she's avoiding me, but it's probably just that. paranoia. i need to learn the word for abandonment-phobic because i know i have it.

on a very up series of notes: i'm done with swimming for this year, next saturday is tiffany's party, and...hell, it's the weekend!


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