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8:28 p.m. x 2003-03-27

there's a thing on the discover health channel about's just as tough to love a self-mutilator as it is to be one. i don't care if you don't think so - have you ever known someone who died? just up and died one day? didn't that make you feel AWFUL - imagine watching it. slowly and explicitly, from a point where all you could do is hug them and not yell and cry when they weren't looking so you didn't make them more upset. and those are the nice ones, not the ones that do it because it worries you and they need the stupid goddamned attention...

that reminds me, today was cory's birthday. did i ever mention cory? he was a good friend who had a crush on my close friend abby. he hung himself with a chain, i think just a day or two before september eleventh. was his birthday today, and his best friend amber asked me to make the card ^-^. it was also tiffany's birthday! and i'm going (yes, not like last time she invited me somewhere @_@) to her party on april...5th. i think. i must check.

and everyone should see the movie post-mortem because it's strange and german. a most delightful late-afternoon movie when unwinding from a walk ^-^.

(p.s. a bethany update: she now knows, thanks to jaypea, what all her functioning body parts are called. you shouldn't let those things be a mystery to your child, lest they be educated by someone named "johnny girl".)

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