creative splurge

7:37 p.m. x 2003-04-21


as the title dictates, i've been seething creativity all day since the end of yesterday ^-^ a design sitee whatsit is underway soon, i have roughly five templates, and i've been arranging loveliness for my senior display. yes - i am a sophmore, but i would really like it to look nice so i figure i'd start now and work up a nice little pile of productivity by the time i'm in 12th. *le sigh*...i want to graduate...

not much to relay to you today, except that my wrath has been visited upon the vicious little bastard wheel, and i owe someone a book and someone else needs to return one to me...*checks the k@ri kard katalogue* - yep, i'm right. any other things that i feel need attention have to do with the white stripes. if you enjoy them, i encourage you to bother your local magazine vendor for "interview" and make sure your bum isn't busy tomorrow when conan o'brien is on. *disturbing noises*...jack white is my jeeesus.

ah...and jaypea came to school today with hair missing. he does wonderfully articulate work when un-sober...expect a documentary about him out within the next year. take that "bowling for columbine"!

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