"it's not graphic if there's a blanket"

10:02 p.m. x 2003-05-01

watching movies with my mother can go only one of two ways: painfully or painfully funny. "requiem for a dream" amazed me so much that it sent me into a momentary stupor of thinking that my mother might enjoy it. throughout all my odd experiences, she's never once asked me "what the fuck?!". that brought the inevitable on. but just about anything else, particularly the "chasing amy" episode, is pretty funny. extra so if there's sex involved in the plotline.

i wanted my mom to watch "girl" with me (and you should see it, too - cybil is very me in a strange and detatched sort of way...i could be her and andrea marr's bastard love child but i'm blonde @_@ really, i am) and an argument ensued over what is and is not "graphic". i uphold that sex is not graphic in a movie if there's minimal sounds and a blanket. my mom thinks "graphic" is the word "fuck" more than three times. what is it with sex? it's in the air right now, i swear. it is spring...and, *snicker snicker* shall we say, the seniors at my highschool have proved themselves to be almost witty. to send home a letter informing parents that prom night will include the "condom care package complete with motion lotion" takes balls most highschoolers seriously lack.

but i will not be outdone!

indeed...i am in a very peaceful, placid state today. i'm off tomorrow for my birthday weekend ^-^ even though the blessed event falls on this coming tuesday -_- i've still been allowed one gift ahead of time...CUTE SHOES!!! *snaps out of teenybopper mode* ah but they are ^-^ ! tres tres adorable...and the week after my birthday is the release of brian hugh warner's new effort, which reminds me of my birthday last year as manda and i skipped around together and i reassured her that "it'll be out soon!".

AND A YEAR LATER, IT IS! my, that's funny. but it was worth it to wait, since now my mother's concidering ozzfest, which she wasn't at all last year. i really only want to see brian hugh perform -_- but ah well...just as long as a fat bastard doesn't decide to mosh in my vacinity, i'll be fine.

*le sigh* - i'm going to go salivate over the thought of owning "when the kite string pops" and "taxidermy". YAY!!! *snaps into blithering groupie mode of the evening*

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