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9:06 p.m. x 2003-06-06

i want you to go download the song of the day right now! if you never listened to my rambling about a song...listen to this ramble because it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L in the ways of cellos and lesbian love scenes (which is where i heard it, oddly enough...have you ever seen "but i'm a cheerleader"? it plays at the end). recently, i've had a lot of luck at finding good songs. sometimes they allude me and other times, like so, i hear a song i like everyday ^-^.

starting revelation of the day: my mom is allowing me to get the "c*nt" shirt from ^-^
random google hit of the day: "wood working bikini babes"

today was the last 3D art...will i miss the constant threat of detention from the art nazi (she didn't even teach that class...*strange*)? the grand load of dust caught in my lungs? the annoying ass seniors? the elitist art club juniors? oddly enough...the best part of this year has been the freshmen...we had a nice crop of freshies this year. next year will be infinitely worse: my sister will be in the same building as i am.

in careers ('twas my last one in there as well), tiffany gave me a rousing speech right as we were leaving for the bus. a few of her "friends" recently have gotten into arguments resolved in "i never wanted to be your friend anyway!" and tiffany (as she is my girl and all) has handled it all in such a way that i am in complete awe of her. she is my little hero - "if they don't like me and they don't want to be my friend, that's their problem and i'm sick of their bullshit!"

i wish i could do that

i have the freedom to criticize. i have the freedom to say "no", "i don't like that", "stop". i have the freedom to SAY SOMETHING. EVEN THOUGH I'M NOT REALLY EXERCIZING MY FREEDOM RIGHT THIS SECOND. if i could - i would tell you that i hate you (yes you) and then...well, life putting up with hell is better than life with hell constantly trying to burn me from behind my back.

*ugh*...i'm getting to not like people very much...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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