...aaat laaast...

7:04 p.m. x 2003-06-10

today, josh & i engaged in the brutal and oh-so-widely-feared BIOLOGY FINAL...and what do you suppose the outcome was??? even better...I PASSED! *SQUEEEE!*

alas...but that was the class i was alright in. 'twas american cultures i'm decidedly rusty in. hopefully i did as well on that final as i feel i did...

immediately following the final, manda et moi accompanied tweakie, clare, aaliyah and an anonymous male companion (who isn't really anonymous, i just forget the poor dude's name) to a hole-in-the-ground that so conviniently serves pizza, and there was much rejoicing ^-^ err, after i had a very miniscule breakdown. it was tiiiny, but i did feel quite bad, which reminds me...


tweak et clare!!!!!!!!!!

they were both extremely nice to me during that ^-^ and i luff them for it. it made therapy cheerier today ^-^ and of course, thank you for joining my ring ^-^ that further brightened my last day in the brick-laden hell for three months.

and then i went to the record store and the cd i purchased was mysteriously absent from the case, and the clerk who helped me got in trouble for it even though it was in no way her fault...i can't WAIT to work this summer, mm-mm...

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