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8:38 p.m. x 2003-06-21

random precursor to the entry: I MISS SNICKY -_- (and if you have not read her june eleventh entry, i strongly recommend it - i'm proud of the senior class ^-^)

*argh* - i have therapy and a doctor's appointment on the same hour on tuesday...guess which one i'm skipping...

i refuse to see that doctor again. i've never cried in a doctor's office before, even when i heard bad things. but that was because they were telling the truth and i wasn't sedated - this bitch took advantage of my weak state and ripped into every little flaw that i had!!!

therapy it is ^-^ i need to talk anyway. really. things have just been going very weirdly for me lately...especially today. both my parents were just extremely pissy today. my dad first - he tried some insane methods of waking me up before getting mad at me and leaving the house all together. then my mom took me out and was so bitchy...i was trying on clothes, which was the problem - i know i'm suppost to avoid this with my mom but i forgot and i paid the price for her incessant bitching. and i didn't even buy anything. not clothes, anyway.

i bought "howl" by ginsburg and "when rabbit howls" (is a recurring theme evident?) by the 92 personalities of truddi chase. GREAT book so far, i love memoirs - even if this one is a little fractured and told in 3rd person narrative. i wanted to get "the three faces of eve" but they didn't have it -_- mer.

*peers downstaires* - my brother's talking to himself in his room. i don't know why but it sounds like he's using an italian accent.

oh dear.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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