eight a.m.

9:21 p.m. x 2003-06-29

that is how late i went to bed last night...eight a.m.. i went downstairs at six to get water and spent the rest of the time watching "gummo" until i FINALLY fell asleep @_@ only to be woken up seven hours later by my dad, being rude. so i swept a few things into a bag and am preparing to go off and visit my aunt. whee!

*sniffles* - i watched "sex in the city" tonight...and i don't know why, but i was very moved by charlotte. i thought it was really sweet that she's converting to judaism to be with the man she loves, even if my better judgement says she should fight it out until he accepts her as she is...i don't care, somehow it's still sweet! mm...i love that show way more than i should. next time i'm in new york i'm going to the shop owned by their clothing coordinator (i don't care if rediculing most of their outfits is my sunday ritual - i still want to see!).

i also must go to screaming mimi's. that was so creepy and frusturating (the disappearing clothier!) that now i HAVE to go.

beyond that - 'twas a slow day. i spent most of it getting unnecessarily worked up over the white stripes thing (and plan to do more of the same in the car tomorrow) and talking to the lovely alex ^-^ who intently listened to my complaints about doctors and insomnia.

i will have my revenge on the crackpot who gave me my physical. she is insane, and next time i'm on here for a conciderable length of time, i will articulate the HELL that that woman put me through and you can LAUGH at what kind of INSANITY is rampant in the medical field!

now if you don't mind, i must put the card captor sakura ring code up ^-^ have a lovely evening everyone! *MWAH!*

oo, and a special subliminal message from rachel, too...


i better get my promised "holler" for that, miss thuggish chillz!

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