i'm your secretary

4:47 p.m. x 2003-09-18

a new layout (featuring lyrics by tattle tale, babes in toyland, and the yeah yeah yeahs @_@) - in honor of bethany (who requested it) and maggie gyllenhaal, who stars in my favorite movie "secretary". aptly titled, as today i've been honored the only position of official-like behavior the school's ever allowed me to have ^-^. i didn't even know i was running for art club secretary @_@. it pays to mention in your speech, if you're nominated for something, that you have no life. this will lead them to assume you'll be 100% dedicated to your job. you smile, let them think this, and do a little dance when you win - *does a little dance*.

and clare's the assistant historian!! HURRAY CLARE!!!

today was fabulous - i don't know why or how (because it goes against my karma), but today KICKED ASS. it began with me wanting absolutely not to get out of bed, as i went to bed at around two the evening before. upon dragging myself inside the building, i endured a strange game in health and the satanic math muffin woman thing - and then ART CLUB! which is a lot better than i expected it to be. i'm on two committees - film festival and art yearbook. and i'm helping with bethany with set design.

when paul went to deem kara, heather and i his "generals" - i misheard this as "genitals". wackiness ensewed, and we now have a new term of endearment to add to "champion", "sunshine", and "cunt". i have the best friends.

i almost want it to be tomorrow right now. besides the hope for another good day, tomorrow may also be the monthly sleepover <3 I HOPE SO!!! i shouldn't need to state why. i'm going to go jump about my room filled with glee now! BYYYE!

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