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7:06 p.m. x 2003-09-26

voila - new layout.

*biiiiig huggles for CLARE!* as she wasn't in her best form today. i heartyoutodeath, you are NO kind of burden at all and i'm always here in case you're having a rough day. you've heard stuff out of me i was scared to tell susan and i owe you loads (and i'd recommend the place that i went to for therapy, it's a little health office, i'll have to give you the name - their staff is the best). ^-^ she & i got manda her birthday gifts (in three days, our manda will be seventeen!) and enjoyed a lively romp around the redneck mecca of walmart.

OOO! and i was greeted by a stupendous burst of myssi-luck in our local record store: a copy of "PAEGAN TERRORISM TACTICS"! which i would've had to obtain via amazon otherwise. i didn't intend to get myself anything (err, this is vicious a lie - i wanted "dvesti po vstrechnoi" knowing full well a small record chain in the middle of appalachia wouldn't be carrying it...and i found acid bath instead @_@ never mind this!), but this was obviously too happy an oppertunity to pass up. and then clare and i had a really hideously stupid conversation on a $5000 bed.

"i like this bed...i like this bed more than YOU!"
- clare et moi, alternately

and so she and i will be taking the merry plunge back into therapy together (it's the month of september - it does this to people, you see). i'm hoping for weekly this time! i have the oppertunity to go back to my first therapist, who i started seeing when i was in fifth grade. i hope we can play "candy land" again - she was so cool!

swiped graciously from this lovely livejournal

10 things i've been listening to lately
acid bath
queen adreena
the white stripes
the yeah yeah yeahs
tattle tale
deadboy & the elephantmen

09 things i look forward to
amanda's birthday with her and bethany!
lunch & movies with jordan!
white stripes with clare!
lunch with tweak, clare, and (on occassion!) josh!
scenario writings in english
art club
drama club
art club officers' meetings
2D art & child development adventures

08 things i like to wear
fake but pretty pearl necklace
bejeweled ring
sacred heart ring
the shoes with the bowes on the heels ^-^
my heart necklace
"the essence" (my little black ankh)
either one of my two little babydoll tops
my ribbon skirt from "bang bang!"

07 things that annoy me
lack of sensitivity & compassion

06 things i love
my friends <3!!!
my record collection (especially "the virgin suicides" by air)
my books (especially lolita by nabokov)
my movies (especially "secretary")
riding on the bus listening to "zachem ja" by tatu
club days

05 things i do everyday
listen to "pretty polly". everyday. since i got the damn cd.
bathe for hours
take naps at obscure moments of the day
update in here (or i try!)
randomly break into song and dance routines

04 people i want to spend more time with
tweak, clare, josh, and bethany
kara, bridget, ryan, and jordan
catie, paul, heather, and manda
amanda, tiffany, ashley, and alex...it isn't cheating if it's my diary!...

03 movies i could watch over and over again

02 of my favorite songs at the moment
"graveflower" by acid bath
"zachem ja" by tatu

01 thing i'd rather be doing
rewinding back to the beginning of the day, make one thing different that i haven't really the power to do anyway (but i CAN rewind back to the beginning of the day - don't think i can't!), and then whisk clare & the "posse" off to olive garden.

really i ought to be making miss manda a card and working out when to meet her and captain bethany on sunday. and napping. i'm in desperate need of a nap straight away - and so i bid you good evening ^-^ <3. tata!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
(& etc)

anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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