6:07 p.m. x 2003-10-05

as i was clearing off my dresser a bit ago - the floor decided to pounce me, and i found myself in a dizzy little myssi-puddle, my brain cells pulsating against a slightly-louder-than-necessary rendition of "show me love" by tatu.

hormones are just simply ABOUNDING this month, are they not?

anyway - now i've found myself here with a few hours unaccounted for, whiting-out the stupidly thick blue marker ravings in my fifth grade yearbook. it isn't a shock that i remember little of that year, except that i was stuck at the end of a hallway that used to make me incredibly nervous and my only friend at the time used to tell me the janitor was out to kill us.

a small technical-related note - replaced jaypea's "X" at the bottom with a link to dami's diary, since, sadly, jaypea's fallen off the edge of the internet, and you really should read dami's diary. i'd add agitated's but alas she is in locked-mode at the moment. there are loads of other diaries i'd love to link to, but that is more than likely a task for another day as spots are beginning to pop up between the screen & i, making it rather difficult to complete the task of writing this entry.

and so i will leave you with a small and useless bit of information - the boy referred to as "trey" at the end of clare's most recent entry is a code name for my current interest. i used to call him "don" before that started to sound wrong to me, for whatever neurotic reason i may have had (i can't think of it now - err, i cannot think at all now). i believe it is time for myssi to shut up.

au revoir <3.

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