and i will put my hands up and surrender

7:36 p.m. x 2003-10-19

not only was it both dami AND my cousin's birthday (forgot about him...hmm). not only did i see the much-missed CLAREE today. not only am i still reeling with moronic pleasure from last night. but guess who i ran into at walmart?!

(begins with a jay and ends with a pea.)

I MISSED HIM ^-^ a perfect end to a very nearly perfect weekend. the only thing i failed to accomplish was seeing any of the three movies i really want to see. i'm apparently lined up to see "kill bill" with paul & ryan. my mom wants to see "mystic river". i WILL see "the texas chainsaw massacre". this week. tomorrow. i don't care. i'll go by myself. i'll sit with an elderly couple. I JUST WANT TO SEEEEE...

and now, ryan's special song.

stephen lynch

hush little girl sweet baby don't cry, tonight
daddy is here and he'll sing you a soft lullabye, tonight
why can't it all be like it was before
how can i explain why mommy's not here anymore
cause daddy likes porno and ten-dollar whores
daddy gets wasted and robs liquor stores
daddy likes rubbing against little boys on the bus
i think thatís why mommy left us
hush little girl there is no reason to fret, tonight
don't mind the smoke daddy just wants to forget, tonight
soon it will all be like it was before
any minute she will walk through that front door
but daddy plays poker and drinks lots of beer
then he wants sex that involves mommy's rear
daddy has sores on his naughty parts oozing with puss
i think thatís why mommy left us
please don't cry i swear i'll try to be here by your side
right after daddy gets home from the bar
visits his bookie and steals a new car
he'll drive to the strip club
and if daddy plays his cards right
he'll bring home your new mommy tonight!

last night was a trip. aawe - "what happened in the basement stays in the basement!". we all had fun, though. even that phallic shaped gord had fun last night...(even if that wasn't in the basement...)

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
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not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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