the mentally challenged homeless vs. marital sodomy

7:58 p.m. x 2003-12-01

our next 2D art project is supposed to represent an issue we're concerned with, and i'm vaguely torn between two things: the homeless schizophrenic statistic and gay marriage. i have moving and interesting ideas for both, which just frusterates the hell out of me because the last thing i actually want to think about is art right now, if i intend on being in a good mood.

there is currently a great big blob of BLAH right in the middle of my day (in it's entirety) - third & last block. the current english assignment is MISERABLE (dealing with unpleasant themes) and the art woman RRRRRREEEAALLY irked my taters today. still, i apparently got an hour-and-a-half's worth of credit towards my grad project, so i'll grin bitterly and think bad thoughts so i can just graduate and get FAR FAR away from "proper drawing materials" and the scarlet letter.

i need it (desperately so) to be xmas vacation. i want it, much more than to pass math or to see anybody or anything - i want to think about things, i want to sleep, and i want to...uuuugh...crawlunderarugandNEVEREMERGE.

cabin fever will do this to you, but so will being confined to a small scorch of land full of barns and republicans breathing up your neck as you're trying to write one decent entry in your online diary. evening <3.

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