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5:21 p.m. x 2003-12-04

if you have never heard it, DOWNLOAD THAT SONG NOW ("livin' in the sunlight lovin' in the moonlight" by tiny tim) - SERIOUSLY, it's so brilliantly fun and stupid. dance to it. everywhere. all the time. by yourself. with your friends. with the president. with your cat. with dan's cat. NOWWWW!

today, the stupid teenage soap operah of amish academia was perpetuated by akward silence, fractured lunch tables, scandalous blog entries (!!!), "squirrley boys", and a trash can.

allow me to elaborate on the last point.

i followed my photo class outside today, and ashley's brother joe and his friend nate were in my "group" (slightly). nate spotted a trash can and asked joe to rummage through it and pretend to eat the contents, and it would be his shallow-depth-of-field photo. joe did this, posing in particular with a suspicious looking plastic bag. once his model duties were done, he recoiled from the recepticle with his plastic bag, exclaiming: "it smells like shit!".

what do YOU suppose was in that bag? i'm not going to tell you.

after this, clare and i ate pizza. i'm very glad i got to speak with her (as she knows now i've been trying to do for the past several weeks @_@ myssi est tres slooow) even though i made her late to guitar -_-.


lovely individuals make songs like "livin' in the sunlight lovin' in the moonlight" sound genuine, and not like the audial seizure it really is <3.

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