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8:20 p.m. x 2004-01-09

my bus broke down as it pulled into the school to take everyone home. i felt horrible (though it had nothing to do with the bus) and disgustingly edgey until i got home, sat on my couch, and watched "eyes wide shut" in pretty much the same zoning position throughout. I LOVE THAT MOVIE, tom cruise and stanely kubrick. unstoppable. as i was more entertained by "psycho beach party" than i should have been, i was touched by "eyes wide shut" way more than i should have been.

and predictably enough, was all too amused by the "orgy". i put "orgy" in quotation marks because there were many people at that party, and not all of them were included in the sex, which seemed mostly just couples snogging on sofas. i don't know, i've never witnessed an orgy, so i've no frame of reference, but that certainly isn't how i IMAGINE an orgy (though the suits and masks were definitely part of it). so maybe i should say "party". i was all too amused by the party.

hmm, i realize now that i just wanted to talk about orgies...@_@.

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